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Happy Birthday Lavasoft Affiliate Program 1 Month Old Today

Lavasoft Affiliate News.
Happy Birthday

I welcome you all to the very first Lavasoft Affiliates News Letter, I would like to start this by firstly personally thanking everyone who signed up to participate in the Lavasoft Affiliate Program so far.

This was a monumental turning point for Lavasoft in taking more of a personal approach towards our affiliates and I have already seen a great drive on behalf of you to put this program on the map, whether through paid search activities, social media networks like Twitter and WordPress or prime banner placements of your sites. I would like to also like to share a big thank you to the following people that participated in the soft launch phase of this program and help establish the start of this network and iron out any potential problems which I’m very happy to say never materialized, so a big thank you to Jim McMahon at, Erick Vincent at, Peggy Yu at, Andreas Koschinsky at and Richard Clooke at I wish you all the greatest of success in your business ventures and I hope to see some of you during the affiliate summits,

Mark Knighton – Lavasoft Affiliate Program Manager

Personal message from Lavasoft’s CEO Jason King

Over the last year and a half, Lavasoft has been going through a time of transitions. As part of that, we have re-organized our internal processes and have also taken an in depth look at the functionality of our various externally hosted partner programs.

Our precise objective was to optimize all programs through which we manage and communicate with you, and all of our partners who add value to our business.
We identified areas that needed improvement and others that required a complete overhaul. I can assure you that we have not been afraid to act, regardless of the size of the task at hand.

The measures we have implemented, or are in the process of working towards, have included transitioning to a new e-commerce partner; it became apparent that our strategies and goals had outgrown the incumbent provi der. Due to that, we set out on an exhaustive process to find and implement solutions which better cater to the needs of our business. For you, our affiliates, this means a completely new, leaner and more efficient, Lavasoft Affiliate Program. In addition to that, as part of our strategy to better serve you in our programs, new roles have also been created within our internal Sales and Marketing structure. These are only a fraction of the steps we have taken to fulfill our optimization and improvement objectives. Rest assured, you can expect further diligence on our part to ensure that we continue to advance our partner programs and services.

I would now like to personally welcome you to the Lavasoft Affiliate Program.
On behalf of both myself and the entire team here at Lavasoft, we look forward to our partnership – to serving you better than ever and to doing business that grows your company whilst growing ours.

Best wishes.

Jason King, CEO, Lavasoft
Affiliate Summit Mark will be attending the Affiliate Summit East; New York City from 9th to 11th August. To arrange a meeting with him, email
Lavasoft Affiliate News.

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  1. good site and good information

    Comment by Spyware Blockers | 15/05/2009 | Reply

    • Thanks Spyware Blockers, Its new for Lavasoft so I very happy to hear you approve, best regards Mark

      Comment by Mark Knighton | 15/05/2009 | Reply

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