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Lavasoft, makers of Ad-Aware launches internationally across Intel’s IBX Software Programs


Lavasoft, makers of the world renown Anti-Spyware software Ad-Aware has now launched its software internationally across Intel’s IBX Software Program

The Intel BX portal provides a unique single destination for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to learn about how to address business problems with software downloads, evaluate different packages and purchase at highly competitive prices. The portal contains IT resources from Intel and from other independent industry experts, as well as user-generated software reviews – allowing SMBs to benefit from the experiences of their peers.  As a special launch incentive, users will get an additional 10 per cent off prices until 30th June 2009.

Independent research commissioned by Intel has revealed that this service will meet many of the software purchasing challenges faced by UK SMBs.  71 per cent say there’s a lack of free, independent guidance which makes buying software confusing and 80 per cent want one convenient site where they can browse and download software.

The launch of Intel BX in the UK, as well as Germany and France, follows the success of the US version of the site. Launched a year ago, it has already attracted a million visitors and represents a great resource for US-based SMBs, as well as a valuable channel to market for software vendors of all sizes.

“This launch represents an exciting development for Intel and for European SMBs. Intel BX provides users with a unique IT resource, to learn about, evaluate and buy software.  It is also great for the ISV community – providing a channel to market for some of the small and highly innovative software companies who might otherwise struggle to get their products in front of such a broad audience,” said Wolfgang Petersen, director, Developer Relations Division, Intel EMEA.

“In today’s economy, the goal for corporates of any size is to maximize efficiency and save money. We appreciate the business model of the IntelBusiness Exchange, offering a centralised repository of software coupled with the value-add service of on-the-spot information required for purchasing decisions,” said Michael Helander, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Lavasoft. “We’re excited to join this new channel and reach new customers.”

Intel has worked with Avangate for the creation of the online store. Wolfgang Petersen commented: “From day one, Avangate has excelled in building this service. The team’s insight, flexibility and commitment have proven invaluable to the successful creation of three Intel Business Exchange sites across Europe. Avangate will continue to play a critical role in the success of this initiative in the future.”

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